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    Clinically Proven Skin Hydration

    Expertly designed to deliver and retain intense hydration for 72 hours post use.*

    *Proven via independent clinical study on H.E.O. Mask. Tested on 35 participants over 4 weeks.

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    Clinically Proven Barrier Support

    Provides clinically proven skin barrier to prevent TEWL (transepidermal water loss - moisture loss through the skin barrier).

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    Overnight Line-Smoothing Results

    Visibly improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as flaking, dryness and crepiness.

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    Professional-Grade Treatment

    H.E.O. Mask is used within professional treatments across the globe to deliver both soothing and visible age-defying results.

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Before After 1 use
  • 72 hours of skin hydration & moisture retention*
  • 72 hours of skin barrier support*
  • 1 use to improved skin barrier function*
  • 94% showed a clinical improvement to moisturisation levels*
  • 94% agreed skin appeared glowing after use*

*Proven via independent clinical study on H.E.O. Mask. Tested on 35 participants over 4 weeks.

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Step 1

After cleansing, apply as the last step of your evening skincare routine.

Step 2

Smooth an almond-sized amount of Step 1 of H.E.O. Mask over face, neck and décolletage - avoiding the eye area.

Step 3

Allow to absorb for a few minutes then gently massage another almond-sized amount of Step 2 of H.E.O. Mask into the same areas. Leave on overnight.

Step 4

Apply 2-3 times a week or as required.

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    Delivers impressive visible results and a moment of self-care.

    Chief Product Officer
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    A ‘game-changer’ for curing dry, cracked skin.

    Fashion & Beauty Lead - The Mirror
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    My skin feels SO hydrated after using it. Simply the best!

    Verified Medik8 Customer
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    Multi-Weight Hyaluronic Acid

    H.E.O. Mask uses multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (small, medium and large), to distribute deep hydration evenly throughout the skin's many layers. This leaves the complexion visibly nourished and supple.

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    Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs)

    A unique combination of natural components in your skin (sodium PCA, glycerin, urea, proteins, sugars, 15 different amino acids, lactic acid, and creatine) which bind and hold moisture for optimal skin hydration.

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    Naturally found in the skin barrier, ceramides work by mimicking the natural lipid barrier to intensely replenish and nourish the complexion.

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    An almost skin-identical lipid which helps to support the natural skin barrier by nourishing the complexion.

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    A natural humectant, glycerin traps water within the skin to leave it hydrated and comfortable.

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Skin dryness is one of the most common skin concerns, made worse by seasonal weather changes and modern lifestyles. Not only is dry skin uncomfortable, but it's also a visible problem that can cause more prominent fine lines, flakiness and a weakened skin barrier that makes your skin sensitive and vulnerable to the damaging effects of the environment. While many formulas on the market don't possess the power or the key fundamentals to maintain skin moisture, Medik8 has delivered the unrivalled answer! H.E.O. Mask boasts an expertly optimised blend of humectants, emollients and occlusives to increase moisture content (humectants), provide nourishment (emollients), and minimise evaporation (occlusives). The result? The ultimate combination for intense and long-lasting skin moisturisation.

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  • Circular Checkmark Icon CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULA
  • Circular Checkmark Icon DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED
  • Circular Checkmark Icon NON-COMEDOGENIC (WON'T CLOG PORES)
  • Circular Checkmark Icon FRAGRANCE FREE
  • Circular Checkmark Icon NO SYNTHETIC COLOURS
  • Circular Checkmark Icon PARABEN FREE
  • Circular Checkmark Icon CERTIFIED BY THE VEGAN SOCIETY
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H.E.O.® Mask
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